Training Day (2001)

“Training Day” starring Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington, is about a rookie cop (Hawke), who goes on his first training day as a narcotics officer with a loud mouth senior cop (Washington).

I finally got around to watching this movie, and I never thought I’d hate Denzel Washington but I did and that is how good he played the character of Alonzo Harris. The beginning of the movie starts of with Officer Jake Hoyt’s (Hawke)  day, as the scene shows him as a devoted husband and loving father.

Then the scene cuts to a restaurant, and we are first introduced to the arrogont Alonzo Harris, whose methods seem over the top at first, but once the movie continues, Hoyt starts to rethink Harris’s methods as dangerous and unreasonable.

The climax of this movie is definetly when Hoyt refuses to take evidence money from Harris and his squad of other narcotics officer. A string of events follows, that keeps the audience enticipating for more.

This movie was and is fantastic. Washington definitely gave a Oscar worthy performance, and Hawke really did amazing as well, as he brings innocence and heart to his performance as the altruistic Hoyt.

The entire movie was great, I will have to admit that the first 10mins was kind of slow paced and if you’re enticipating action right away, then you may have to wait awhile. But when action does happen, it is all worth it.

I give this movie, 8/10.

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